St Barnabas’ Church
Clarksfield, Oldham



The church before we built the link between the church and hall. The blue door in the foreground is now a window; and the bell-cote was removed in 2011. © Philip Kapp.

Robert Martin of Manchester was commissioned to convert the old St Barnabas Hall into a Church complex. This plan was eventually chosen, and was drawn up in 1932.


The earliest known photograph of St Barnabas, taken in 1912. Notice there is no cross on the Church apex; no road surface; no Fleet Street.

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Ryeburne Street, Oldham The horse drawn milk-float is Alan Lees’, of Lower Barrowshaw Farm. Alan himself delivers the milk here.


Nearby Clarksfield Road in 1965. © Gerald England.

Annual Whit Walk in 1953. The photo was taken on the junction between Hanson Street and Hillside Avenue.  

© Graham Shaw

Description: Description: Description: An Oldham Borough Police officer on point duty at the junction of Crossbank Street and Manchester Street in the 1930s or early 1940s

Description: Description: Description: photoThis image comes from the archives of the Greater Manchester Police Museum, and is part of the material that formerly belonged to the Oldham Borough Police. These officers adopt a semi-formal pose typical of the time.


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