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St Barnabas’ Hall



At a glance

Opening times We are open for hire from 9:00 am.

Closing times We close at 9:30 pm. Please do not ask to extend later.

Deposit We require a deposit of £50, which must be paid within two weeks of making your booking. Failure to make a deposit means your booking has lapsed.

Cleaning We ask that you leave the Hall as you find it: clean, chairs stacked neatly, all litter removed, etc.

Litter The person making the booking takes all the litter.

Capacity The Hall is insured for 110 people. More than 110 people is therefore not legal.  



How do I hire the Hall?

For all other bookings and enquiries, please phone the Vicar, Revd Dr Paul Monk on (0161) 624 7708.

Please download a copy of the application form here.




About St Barnabas’ Hall

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The hall at St Barnabas’ Church is spacious and modern.

It has good toilet facilities, including disabled access.

● The Hall has a modern kitchen of catering standard. It was installed in 2017. The kitchen is available when you make a booking. Please ask.

● The sound system was installed in 2022 and a modern projector and screen in 2014. It can read most Bluetooth systems (phone, iPad, etc.). The sound system is available when you make a booking. Please ask.

● A completely new heating system was installed in October 2014. The hall is thermosttated so the heating will come on in cold weather.


What will it cost?

These charges came into effect on 1 July 2022.

These fees may increase at short notice to accommodate the steep increase in energy prices that we (a charity) are incurring.

Fees for one-off bookings:
private use, Local Authority,
and for commercial organisations

Use of the main hall including kitchen

Minimum charge: £130 for a maximum of 5 hours
£25 per hour or part over this period
This time includes preparation beforehand and clearing afterwards.

Use of whole building

Minimum charge: £200 for a maximum of 5 hours £35 per hour or part over this period.
This time includes preparation beforehand and clearing afterwards

Fees for charities

Use of the main hall including kitchen

Minimum charge: £50 for a maximum of 5 hours, and then £10.00 per hour or part thereof.
This time includes preparation beforehand and clearing afterwards.

Use of whole building

Minimum charge: £120 for a maximum of 5 hours £10 per hour or part over this period.
This time includes preparation beforehand and clearing afterwards.


Charges for organisations using the premises on a long-term, daily or weekly basis will be negotiated separately, but based on the above.

Full conditions of use

1.       We do not allow bouncy castles because they damage the floor.

2.       Hall users take their own rubbish and litter with them.

3.       Hall users agree to leave the Hall in the same condition in which they found it.

4.       The agreed fee for the use of the accommodation must be paid in advance of the hiring. We ask for a deposit of £50.00, which will be  refunded within seven days of the hiring unless:–       
(a) There has been damage to the accommodation, furniture or equipment for which the user is responsible
(b) Any of the accommodation is not left in a clean and tidy condition,

      In which case the church shall be entitled to retain the whole or part of the deposit as security for the cost of rectifying the damage and returning the building to the state in which it was prior to hiring.

5.   The user is responsible for all damage (other than fair wear and tear) to the accommodation or any of the fixtures and fittings or equipment, which is occasioned in whatever way by the use of the accommodation.

6.   The accommodation may only be used by the organisation and for the purpose and during the period indicated on the application form submitted to the church.

7.   After the use of the accommodation it must be left in a clean and tidy condition with all furniture and equipment left in the same position as at the commencement of the hiring and the user must ensure that all lights are turned out and all doors and windows properly secured.       
(NOTE: If the premises requires extra cleaning after use this will incur an extra charge of £15 per hour of work, which will be taken from the deposit.)

8.   The user must ensure that during the use of the accommodation that no person smokes, vapes, and that no illegal substance is supplied or consumed. Alcohol is permitted provided the person making the booking provides it; the sale of alcohol in the building is absolutely prohibited.

9.   If the user leaves behind any furniture, electrical equipment, etc., the church may give it away, sell it, or in any other way remove it from the premises.

10. The user agrees that the church accepts no responsibility for injury or loss to persons or property arising from the proper use of the accommodation apart from such injury or loss which arises from the church’s responsibility for the general maintenance of the accommodation and the user will keep the church indemnified against any claims for which the church is not responsible.

11. Where premises are to be used by children, by signing our letting form all users agree to comply with the Government’s guidelines set out in the document ‘Safe from Harm’.

12. The user is responsible for any licenses required for music, etc.

13. No part of the premises other than that agreed in the application form may be used without prior authority of a church officer who will make the necessary adjustment to the charges.

14. The user has a responsibility to notify the church of any defect in the accommodation or in any of the church’s furni­ture or other equipment in the accommodation.

15. The event must finish at 9:30 pm sharp. After cleaning, the building must be vacated no later than 10:00 pm.

16. Where the hall is let for a regular or block booking the Church Council reserves the right, with prior notice, to cancel or change the booking if the accommodation is required for a Church activity. (In this event the full booking fee will be returned and the Church Council will not be liable to pay compensation to any person in respect of any cancellation.)

17. The hirer will not use the premises for any unlawful purpose, or bring onto the premises anything which may endanger users or the premises, or insurance policies relating thereto.

18. The hirer acknowledges that no tenancy is intended to be created between the Church Council and the hirer and no relationship of landlord and tenant exists between them.

19. The user will comply with the provision of the church’s Health and Safety policy and will ensure that all those using the accommodation are aware of the appropriate safety procedures, i.e.

      (a) The premises are licensed and insured for a maximum of 110 people.

      (b) The hirer must ensure that users are aware of all fire exits, fire evacuation procedures, etc.

20. As a charity, charity law prohibits the use of the Hall for party-political purposes.


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Page posted 19 August 2022